Explaining Online Casino Best Payouts


Online casino payouts have always been an interesting topic for players. Every regular casino customer wants to find an online casino best payouts and beat the house. But how do you evaluate payouts? And how do you know which platform offers better odds? And most importantly, do you know which parameters affect the total casino payout? If you don’t know how to answer these questions, then you should read the article till the end.

3 Factors That Determine Casino Payouts

In fact, there are three things that determine total returns to players. They are RTP of games, bonus offers, and one additional factor. Let us explain them all to you step by step.

Casino Games

When you try to evaluate casino payouts, you don’t need to look at the average payout percentage. Instead, you need to consider payouts of those games that you actually play. For example, the payout of high-paying slots won’t tell you anything if you prefer playing blackjack. Therefore, always check the game categories relevant to you.

Next, you need to find out the average payout of those casino games. For example, if you play online slots, you don’t need to check the total return of all 2000 slot games in the lobby. You need to see payouts of the most popular 50 slots. This will help you understand the highest values you can get from your casino operator. In fact, it isn’t necessary to check payouts of Top 50. The top 10 will tell you enough information.

Bonus Offers

You should already know that casino bonuses vary. Some offer bonuses with low wagering requirements, while others have sky-high play-through. Regardless of the bonus you claim, it will have a huge influence on your payouts. But whether this influence will be good or bad, depends on the bonus terms. For example, a good welcome bonus with acceptable terms can place your chances of winning above the house. But if you claim a bonus with high wagering requirements, it can leave you meeting endless play-through.

So, if you want to receive the best payouts, be smart when choosing casino offers. Good and cashable promotions are the key to high payouts.

The Third Factor

Game’s RTP and bonuses determine payouts of a particular casino. And you should remember it as 2×2=4. However, there is one more factor that you must consider. It’s the fairness of the casino and the speed of withdrawals.

Say, you win a million on a casino, but if it’s unreliable or pays slowly, it won’t help you. So, before you play games and use bonuses, first you need to check if the casino is reliable. If you aren’t sure, you can rely on the help of experts that review online casino sites and give recommendations.

Second, you need to check how much it takes to actually pay out to a player. Find the banking page and see what withdrawal time frame is mentioned for your preferred payment option. Then, head to the terms and conditions where they say about withdrawal.

Every casino places information about the withdrawal process such as how soon the funds get the recipient, is there a pending period and for how long it lasts, and other important stuff. Besides, check how you will receive your payment if you win a large sum of money, in full or in installments? If you don’t see answers to these questions, contact customer support.

In Conclusion

It isn’t difficult to find a casino that pays best. All you need to do is check the average payouts of the game category that you prefer, check bonuses, and finally, see if the casino is reliable and fast-paying.