How to use Lucky Patcher without Rooting the Phone – No Root!

How To Use Lucky Patcher: Here in this article we will know how to use the Lucky Patcher and get access over it. We have discussed few method that re mostly useful for an Android device. It is an Android App that provides you control over the permission of your apps that are installed. There are many features and tools which will help the users to gain access over paid apps and games using this app. I prefer to install Lucky Patcher App in Android device if you want to get the paid apps for free.

How to use Lucky Patcher without Rooting
How to use Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher Features:

We have gathered few features of Lucky Patcher that will get you a glance over its working.

  • Lucky Patcher removes the license check in premium apps and ads in special apps
  • It customized to restrict the permission and activities of apps installed
  • Create your modified app by using Lucky Patcher tools
  • Backups the apps and restore them when you require
  • Patch an app when you’re running the Boot process
  • Saves your derive memory and battery by utilizing very less space
  • It removes the unwanted apps running back for waste

How to Use Lucky Patcher Apk:

I guess you know few points about the Lucky Patcher app and its functionality. So if here we start the process to use this app for different purpose. The main usage of Lucky Patcher is for getting apps or games for free from Play Store and to hack the games for your Android device.

Method 1:

To Get Paid apps for free form Google Play store using the Lucky Patcher App.

  • First open Lucky Patcher apk and get the root access
  • Indeed your device must be routed to use this App or if you’re lucky it works on very few un-rooted Android devices
  • Now go to App which you want to install and go to App purchase section
  • Click on Purchase and you will get Lucky Patcher windows instead of Google windows
  • Click On yes when you see “Do you want to try to get this app for free” and wait for while
  • Now the App is hacked successfully and if your device is supported then it start downloading
  • In few seconds App will installed and will stored in your device

Method 2:

How to Hack the Android games using Lucky Patcher Apk.

As we discussed earlier you decide must be rooted to access the control it. Only few users will be lucky if the App run on their device without asking root access.

  • Open the Lucky Patcher and you will find a list of Application in your device
  • Here you can view the functions that can be made on App in your device
  • Click on to Open menu for patches and then Custom patch option
  • You can see few patches available, select anyone from this list and click on Apply

Now open the Game you want to hack and you will be amazed that Lucky Patcher has worked. The game is hacked and you can now play it without any disturbance. If you have any doubt in these methods, then let me know in below comment section.

How to use Lucky Patcher without Rooting the Phone – No Root!
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Lucky Patcher Apk 6.4.5 Download for Android – Latest Version!

Lucky Patcher Apk: Lucky Patcher is an amazing app which gives you the permission to do control on your app which you have installed on your android devices. This gives you the full flexibility to control your apps. You can delete the excessive advertisement, change the permissions and can create the backups of other apps. When you open Lucky Patcher you will be allowed to see all the apps in a list which are installed in your device. if you want do any changes from those apps you just need to tap on the particular app to see the available options like apps complete information, uninstall it, delete excessive data, access, create backups and many more. And more over it has been come with many interesting features which let the users to love it.

Unluckily we don’t have Lucky Patcher in the Google play store, which made us to go with the offline steps to download. In this article we will be letting you know about the process to install Lucky Patcher App and also about its few features. It is very hard to control a Smartphone when we keep on installing/ un- installing the Apps. The cache and other stuff make our device work solve. At this situation Lucky Patcher App is very much useful to manage the App directly without going into setting.

Lucky Patcher Apk Download for Android:

Lucky Patcher Apk

Lucky Patcher Apk Download & Features:

Let us now have a look at the features of Lucky Patcher App listed here below.


  • It is the best app which lets you to control on your android installed apps
  • The one and only requirement of this app is you need to have a rooted device
  • Ones you install this amazing app in your device you will get the list all the apps which are available on your android device
  • From those installed apps if you want make any changes you can do it with Lucky Patcher app
  • You will be having a full flexibility to do control on your apps
  • It allows you to delete excessive advertising, uninstall it from your device
  • There are color codes available which will be indicating compatibility with the tools and lets you know the specific operations

Steps to Download Lucky Patcher Apk:

This process which is shown below may be known to everyone but they haven’t used it before. So to download the Lucky Patcher App using its Apk file we will be using this process in our Android device.

  1. First step is to download the Lucky Patcher Apk
  2. Now go to Settings> Security/ General> enable “Unknown Sources” installation option
  3. This will allow your Android device to run the downloaded Apk file
  4. So double tap on file and click on Install button shown in popup dialog box
  5. Then Agree with Terms & Condition by scrolling down the page and wait for a while
  6. In quick time Lucky Patcher App will be installed automatically in Android device

Two icon of App will be available one on main home screen and other in Apps menu

In today’s world, we have encountered many apps which have widespread all over the Android users. So, are you looking for modification or to remove advertisement and want to get full control on your android apps? Then don’t you worry here we have lucky patcher. It is an app where you can modify the permission of apps, verify the licensed of paid apps and remove the advertisement from your Android phones and games and also gives backup for downloaded apps and games.

This app is very much popular among the users since it has given us complete control to the user of this app. So, keeping in mind, I have decided to share in this article about the lucky patcher apk which will help you to download this app on your computer.

All About Lucky Patcher App:

Lucky Patcher is an app which gives you to control over the permission that you want to installed apps on your Android phones. Through this app you can delete excessive advertising and can change the permissions, it also gives backup to other apps. But if you want to enjoy such kind of apps then you must need a rooted device.

Lucky Patcher is an app where you can see a list of many apps that is installed on your machine.  You just have to tap on one of them in order to see the available options such as view the apps information then install it, you can delete some data which additional and also get an access to other tools.

Exciting features of Lucky Patcher – Reason to have this tools on your device:

There is a list of features for this app:
• The first thing that the lucky patcher app does is to remove all the advertisement from your apps.
• Secondly, it also removes all the verified licensed which is a paid version of your app.
• It lets you modify the permission of the app.
• It also let you take backup of all the apps which is installed on your device.
• It is very easy to use.
• It can control all your apps within the single screen on your device without any issue.
• There is a lot of tools to manage your apps.

How to download Lucky Patcher APK  and install on Android device?

Well, after knowing the features you might have made mind to download Lucky Patcher for your device. Unfortunately, this amazing app cannot be download from Google Play Store, as this is not available on Google Play Store. But this is not the end to have this app although, you can download this app as an APK file. To download Lucky Patcher apk for Android you have to follow the below steps so, keep on reading the procedure.

  1. Open your browser and then go to to search Lucky Patcher apk for your Android device.
  2.  In the Google search bar enter “Lucky Patcher apk download” and the click “Search” button or press “Enter” key.
  3.  A bunch of website list you will find in the search result, find a reliable site you will find Lucky Patcher downloading link for your Android device.
  4. Finally, click on the download button and it will start downloading on your device.

How To Install Lucky Patcher APK on Android device?

  • Firstly, you have to go through your downloaded folder and find the Luckey-Patcher.APK file.
  • Once you click on lucky_patcher.apk file it may pop-up block warning. You can turn on “Unknown Sources” from the Settings.
  • After installing the application, you are ready to go and enjoy the app.

Ways to have Lucky Patcher App on your device:

Downloading and installing is the easiest part but after that, we are not familiar with how to use this app to remove the licensed from your phone you just need to follow the steps:

  • Firstly, you open the app from your menu.
  • Secondly, after the apps are installed on your device, it will show you some lists of all the apps.
  • Then you can select some apps which you want to remove the licensed app.
  • Now you go to open the menu and then select authorized verification to remove and then go to auto mode.
  • After you are done then, you can just click to apply that will take care of license permission.
  • On the other hand, it can also use in removing ads and then you can enjoy using this app.

Unusual ways to hack your favorite games:

  • First of all, you have to download lucky patcher app to hack any Android game.
  • Then you have to install the app on your device.
  • Next, open your application.
  • It will show you all the apps and games present in your device.
  • Then you can click on the app
    • Tap on open menu option
    • Next, click on the create modified apk file
    • Then transfer it to SD Card on your Android phones that can be modified that is required for the game.
    • Lastly, you can enjoy the game. After installing it from the above folder.

    Lucky Patcher is not only available for Android phones but also available on your PC. By using it on your computer device, it can set free from unwanted data by using Lucky Patcher. It also can connect through your smartphones that can transfer your file quickly. It is also available on Windows 7 and eight PC which can be download by using the blue stack.

    • Before you download lucky patcher you have to download the bluestack file from bluestacks official wbesite for free.
    • While downloading it, you should make sure that you download the full file of the system since it’s size is enormous.
    • Next, select the search bar and then search lucky patcher.
    • Click on install button and then tick on agree on condition box.
    • Next, the app will automatically be installed on PC windows once it gets downloaded.


    Lucky Patcher is an excellent app. It is available for Android phones as well as on your PC. Through this app, we can hack games and also remove some licensed app. But if you use this app there will also a risk. It is an excellent app I would recommend you to use it.

So, we have got the Lucky Patcher App installed successfully in our device by using its Apk file. Now start controlling the Apps stuff in your Android device using this most useful application.

Lucky Patcher Apk 6.4.5 Download for Android – Latest Version!
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