How to use Lucky Patcher without Rooting the Phone – No Root!

How To Use Lucky Patcher: Here in this article we will know how to use the Lucky Patcher and get access over it. We have discussed few method that re mostly useful for an Android device. It is an Android App that provides you control over the permission of your apps that are installed. There are many features and tools which will help the users to gain access over paid apps and games using this app. I prefer to install Lucky Patcher App in Android device if you want to get the paid apps for free.

How to use Lucky Patcher without Rooting
How to use Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher Features:

We have gathered few features of Lucky Patcher that will get you a glance over its working.

  • Lucky Patcher removes the license check in premium apps and ads in special apps
  • It customized to restrict the permission and activities of apps installed
  • Create your modified app by using Lucky Patcher tools
  • Backups the apps and restore them when you require
  • Patch an app when you’re running the Boot process
  • Saves your derive memory and battery by utilizing very less space
  • It removes the unwanted apps running back for waste

How to Use Lucky Patcher Apk:

I guess you know few points about the Lucky Patcher app and its functionality. So if here we start the process to use this app for different purpose. The main usage of Lucky Patcher is for getting apps or games for free from Play Store and to hack the games for your Android device.

Method 1:

To Get Paid apps for free form Google Play store using the Lucky Patcher App.

  • First open Lucky Patcher apk and get the root access
  • Indeed your device must be routed to use this App or if you’re lucky it works on very few un-rooted Android devices
  • Now go to App which you want to install and go to App purchase section
  • Click on Purchase and you will get Lucky Patcher windows instead of Google windows
  • Click On yes when you see “Do you want to try to get this app for free” and wait for while
  • Now the App is hacked successfully and if your device is supported then it start downloading
  • In few seconds App will installed and will stored in your device

Method 2:

How to Hack the Android games using Lucky Patcher Apk.

As we discussed earlier you decide must be rooted to access the control it. Only few users will be lucky if the App run on their device without asking root access.

  • Open the Lucky Patcher and you will find a list of Application in your device
  • Here you can view the functions that can be made on App in your device
  • Click on to Open menu for patches and then Custom patch option
  • You can see few patches available, select anyone from this list and click on Apply

Now open the Game you want to hack and you will be amazed that Lucky Patcher has worked. The game is hacked and you can now play it without any disturbance. If you have any doubt in these methods, then let me know in below comment section.

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